Sofia had to blush. That’s what happened to the star’s bikini

Sofia had to blush. That’s what happened to the star’s bikini

Sofia Vergara is always working, even on vacation! The Colombian icon likes to keep everything clean and tidy just like in every Latino household. During her recent tropical getaway, the actress took a moment to make some adjustments before relaxing, as it can be seen in a recent video she shared.

Her husband Joe Manganiello filmed the short video, showing Sofia cleaning a lantern at what seems to be their vacation home. The Hollywood star is wearing a bikini top and a beach cover up, which means she might have been ready to enjoy the sun and warm weather, when she noticed something she didn’t like.

“We are on vacation,” Joe says to Sofia in the video. “They don’t f— do anything,” Sofia responds, referring to the people in charge of cleaning the house. “Why are you up on a stool polishing the brass on this lantern?” he continues, to which Sofia replies, “there’s no vacation when you like beautiful things.”

The actress, who recently celebrated her wedding anniversary with the actor, posted the video on her Instagram account with the caption “Thinking about vacation!!!!!!” adding some Christmas tree emojis.

Fans of Sofia agreed with her, with one person writing, “Can’t take the Colombian girl out of her lol,” while someone else commented, “Latina power! No matter how much money a Latina/Latino has its in our blood to clean, we love it it’s therapy.”

Another online user added, “That’s life married to a Latin woman,” and other person wrote, “Every Latina here understands you we clean everywhere we go.”

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